We offer a variety of commercial electrical services on a contract or hourly basis. We are equipped for contract-based projects in New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, and Texas. At this time, service-calls at an hourly rate are offered only in the greater Albuquerque area.

  • New Construction
  • Renovation
  • LED Lighting Retrofits (rebates may be available!)
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Low-Energy Solutions
  • Electric car charging station installation
  • Signs
  • Conversion of existing sign lighting to LEDs (rebates may be available!)
  • Power Distribution
  • Lighting – Indoor and Outdoor
  • Building Controls


  • Vending Machine &
    Retail Cooler Sensors
  • Electrical Testing
  • Re-Wiring
  • Complete Electrical Installation
  • Complete Electrical Repair and Maintenance
Commercial Electrical Contractor

Contract Services

New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, Texas

New Construction

The scope of work for a new construction project can be narrow or large, and can include many aspects not related to electrical work. As an Electrical Contractor, we can provide temporary power from the local utility during the construction phase. We install panels, transformers and devices to move power from the electrical service provider to the client. We pull wire, install receptacles, switches and low voltage cable. Lighting is an important part of an electrician’s responsibility. We provide power for the safe installation of Heating and A/C, Kitchen Appliances and hot water systems. We even provide the electrical requirements for swimming pools and more increasingly we provide chargers for your electric car. We trench, move walls and pour concrete.

On larger jobs we coordinate with General Contractors and all of the other experts required to build commercial buildings.  There are HVAC Contractors, Mechanical Contractors, Drywall Contractors, Painters, Carpenters, and many other professionals required to erect a building.


Remodel and Renovation Projects

Similar to the scope of work on a new construction project, we are equipped to work on existing structures that need to carefully undergo a transition – perhaps a remodel, new management requiring different standards, or upgrades to existing electrical systems. We work to create safe work conditions for everyone involved – your staff, your customers or tenants, other general contractors, as well as our own technicians. In many projects, the facility is able to remain operational while we work in specified zones. We properly dispose of old materials in a way that is safe for the environment.


Lighting Retrofits

Our favorite part of the business. There are very few things in your Income Statement that can be more dramatically affected than upgrading your lighting to energy efficient solutions. The utility companies are eager for your business and are willing to subsidize your project with rebates. Many of these projects have ROI’s less than 6 months and certainly less than two years. When you are looking at Capital Projects, there are few projects that can provide a higher return on your capital. In addition, your lighting will be far superior, and your maintenance will decrease significantly. Ask for references!



We have re-branded many of the businesses you drive by every day. Circle K, 7-11 and Wendy’s to name a few. We are happy to work with your business on your re-branding or an exterior facelift of your facility.

Did you know electrical utility companies are anxious to help you move your existing signage to LED lighting? Recently the utilities have increased the incentives dramatically to help business owners move their signage to LED.

We can remove your sign facings, take out the old technology and install LED. And your utility company will help pay for your project. Imagine not needing to call your sign company again to replace an old lamp!

Local Commercial Electrician

Hourly Services

Greater Albuquerque Area Only
Scheduled Services: $110/hour, Emergency Services: $165/hour

Repair and Emergency Service

Call us anytime for your commercial electrical needs. Our trained electricians and apprentices will be there to assist! Circuits, breakers, outlets, lighting, ceiling fans, interconnected smoke detectors, exposed wiring, burning smells, copper wire theft, and more!


Preventative Maintenance

A brief paragraph about what this means, what it entails.


General Lighting Replacement

Got a twitchy light bulb that needs a new ballast? Is something just-out-of-reach that might require large lift equipment? We’ll come swap out your hardware to repair a light that is not working as-intended. If you are interested in full lighting upgrades to something more energy-efficient, ask us about our Light Retrofit Contract services!


Building Controls

This could include a gate opener that needs setting up, installation of a dimmer switch for lighting, or switching to motion-activated lighting.

Trade Ally

PNM-Only Services

VendingMiser and CoolingMiser

If your business uses a vending machine or reach-in cooler, you might qualify for a 100% no-cost-to-you sensor to be installed by use and paid for by PNM. Learn more about PNM’s Business Energy Efficient Programs.

Q: How do VendingMisers and CoolerMisers work?
A: Vending machines and reach-in coolers use considerable energy. Most are manufactured with minimum production requirements, and are not designed to ensure the machine’s efficient use of energy. Studies have shown that putting a control on a vending machine saves approximately 1,612 kWh of energy per year – and a control on a reach-in cooler saves approximately 1,086 kWh per year.

The controls’ occupancy sensors turn off the machine’s lights and power down the machine during times when there is no occupancy. The machine is powered back up when people return and at regular intervals to keep the product cold.

When equipped with the VendingMiser, refrigerated beverage vending machines use less energy and are comparable in daily energy performance to new ENERGY STAR qualified machines. CoolerMisers eliminate compressor short cycling and can save an average of $100 per year, per cooler in energy costs.

Q: We do not own the vending machines on our property. Are we allowed to install controls on these machines?
A: Yes. Both Coca-Cola and Pepsico have tested the VendingMiser and have publicly approved its use on their beverage machines to achieve energy savings.

Q: Will our vending machines be opened to install the control units?
A: No. VendingMiser units do NOT require the machine to be opened for installation, and the units do not interfere with the machine’s normal operation. The control unit is installed either on the wall with simple hand tools, or attached to the back of the vending machine with a bracket.

Have Vending Machines or
Reach-in Coolers?
Reduce Their Energy Usage…
for FREE!

There is ZERO COST to PNM business customers to participate in the VendingMiser and CoolerMiser rebate program. Take advantage of this FREE way to lower energy usage on your non-perishable beverage machines. Call the PNM Business Energy Efficiency Program at 505-938-9400 (toll-free 877-607-0741) for more information.