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Complete electrical installation for new construction, remodels, and renovations


Lighting retrofits subsidized by utility companies and comfort control systems to reduce costs and energy consumption


Electrical and lighting services for commercial signage, billboards, and outdoor marketing


Testing, re-wiring, and general repair on most low-voltage systems and transformers – including preventative maintenance

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Our Changing Economy

A new era of sustainability is rising, and it’s touching every industry. Consumers are increasingly motivated to be more environmentally conscious and are choosing to support businesses which share their same values. In 2017, 69% of North Americans said it is very important that companies implement programs to improve the environment.

Reviewing your company’s energy-use is an easy first step to starting a low-cost, energy-reduction initiative using only the latest technological standards and elevating you above your competition.

“At ABF our retrofit was complicated by the various lighting needs in different areas of our facility, from the office, to the warehouse, the shop building, and yard. Being a 24 hour operation, each lighting area had unique needs, and bulldog found the right solution for each. We actually have better visibility at night, and our return on investment was less the 5 months. Now we are just banking the savings and adding profit to our bottom line.”

Larry Trendell

Branch Manager, ABF Freight, Albuquerque NM

See how Bulldog Energy’s clients have collectively helped the environment:






Featured Projects

Chevrolet Cadillac of Santa Fe

JULY 25, 2019 – We installed LED lighting around the showroom and shop space of Chevrolet Cadillac of Santa Fe. Something else to say about it? Anything significant about the project? How much time did it take the technicians to install? How will this benefit this style of business (cars appear to shine more and look newer under the fresh light? the mechanics can see what they are doing more clearly?)

Fifty n' Fit Fitness & Therapy

MARCH 2019 – This was a PNM Quicksaver Project that began March 5 and completed March 15 in Albuquerque, NM. We changed the faces of the sign and installed 60W LED double sided linear bars inside the sign to give it a brighter light so you can see it better at night. We also installed LED lighting inside the building. Doing this project will save them money on their electrical bill. The return on investment for this project is 5 months.

Airport Parking Lot

NOVEMBER 2018 – We installed new light poles in the Airport Parking Lot to brighten up where the RV’s and Camp Trailers are parked. The asphalt had to be cut through so we could run the wire to where the light poles would be located to get electricity. Concrete had to be poured to place the light poles so they could stand up. We installed a total of 20 light poles. It took us about a month to finish the project. Doing this project with us gave them better lighting to keep a better eye on the RV’s and Camp Trailers.

Bringing Energy Efficiency to Small Businesses for Over 10 Years

By partnering with electrical utility companies across the Southwest, our clients have contributed to reducing energy consumption by millions of kilowatt hours and lowering utility costs by thousands each year. We’ve earned the title of PNM’s Top Trade Ally for many years in a row and have offered both emergency and scheduled electrician services for commercial customers across the greater Albuquerque area. Click Here to learn more about our involvement in the community and our commitment to reducing energy.

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We understand you might have questions before getting started. We’ve anticipated a few of the most common questions asked by business owners and managers.

Are you licensed?

Yes, we are fully licensed, insured and bonded. Our license number is 376757.

Is there a warranty on the products you use?

The specific details for the warranties available through the manufacturers will vary, but we only use and sell products that offer a warranty.

Will my PNM electric utility bill go down?

Yes! With the Lighting Retrofits that we provide, we’re saving you energy dollars by removing wattage from your facility. As we move through your facility and begin to replace old inefficient assets with new energy efficient assets, the savings is instantaneous.

What is the return investment for a Lighting Retrofit?

Return investment varies. You can check out our case studies page for examples.

Do you do new construction?

Yes. Please contact our office and get a quote today! or call (505) 508-1085

Client Testimonials

“The exterior lighting is a huge improvement from the old orange glare of the HPS wallpacks. this project will reduce Monterra’s energy consumption by over 73,000 kWh which is the rough equivalent of the power necessary to power 6 houses for a year, or taking 51 cars off the road!”


Specific Performance Inc., Monterra Apartment Complex Project

“The lighting is great in here now, it’s all consistent and for us with a showroom of tile, carpet, laminate, and wood, it really makes a difference for us to show our products in a more consistent light, and it just works out much better for us.”


Arizona Flooring Brokers, Phoenix AZ

“The lighting is actually twice as bright, and [there’s] obviously the savings on our bills, but it’s also helping with our sales [by] showing the merchandise a little bit better.”


Play It Again Sports, Phoenix AZ