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Bulldog Energy Solutions is committed to helping companies reduce their energy costs by bringing leading energy companies and utilities together to deliver low-cost, high-tech solutions.
We do the leg work to obtain rebates, tax-deductions and products for your business or office.


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Providing Electrical Services Since 2009

We have served New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado and Texas for many years. We have thousands of references. We are a leading Electrical Contractor in Energy Efficiency Projects, Re-Branding and Signage, Electrical Repair and New Construction.

Our favorite way to serve our commercial customers is by retrofitting their lighting to newer, energy-efficient solutions. Currently, most utility companies are offering rebate incentives for companies in their service area to remove their older incandescent, halogen and flourescent lighting, and instead move to longer-lasting LEDs.

Companies who have worked with us usually begin to see changes to their electrical utility bill immediately. A retrofit project can take only a few months as we work alongside your electrical service provider, and the installation work itself might only require a few hours to a couple days once the approvals have been sent from the utility company. We file all paperwork.

Recently, we’ve begun to expand our business to include full-service electrical upgrades to multi-unit living facilities and hotels. We are also now installing charging stations for electrical cars, as well as utility-incentivized controls to coolers and vending machines to improve their electrical efficiency. 

Full Service, Quality
Commercial Electrical Contracting Services

Contract Services

  • New commercial construction projects
  • Remodel and renovation projects
  • Multi-unit housing and hospitality buildings
  • Lighting retrofits with potential rebate assistance from your electrical company
  • Energy-efficiency oriented solutions

General Electrical Services

(New Mexico Only)

  • Breaker work
  • General electrical servicing, maintenance, and repair
  • Out-of-reach lighting adjustments and fixes
  • Building controls like sensor-lights and timed gate access controls

“The exterior lighting is a huge improvement from the old orange glare of the HPS wallpacks. this project will reduce Monterra’s energy consumption by over 73,000 kWh which is the rough equivalent of the power necessary to power 6 houses for a year, or taking 51 cars off the road!”


Specific Performance Inc., Monterra Apartment Complex Project

“The lighting is actually twice as bright, and [there’s] obviously the savings on our bills, but it’s also helping with our sales [by] showing the merchandise a little bit better.”


Play It Again Sports, Phoenix AZ

“The lighting is great in here now, it’s all consistent and for us with a showroom of tile, carpet, laminate, and wood, it really makes a difference for us to show our products in a more consistent light, and it just works out much better for us.”


Arizona Flooring Brokers, Phoenix AZ

“Things are great – lots of light – lots of savings and I can’t be more pleased with the outcome of the project.” and “I just received my bill for September and we have been very busy running saws, the polishers, tile lines, air conditioners, pumps – probably using more electricity than ever and the bill was $950. This bill used to run us $3,800 to $4,000 per month.”


New Mexico Travertine, Inc., Belen, NM