Featured Projects

Lighting Retrofit

Chevrolet Cadillac of Santa Fe

JULY 25, 2019 – We installed LED lighting around the showroom and shop space of Chevrolet Cadillac of Santa Fe. The entire project took 230 hours starting on June 26, 2019 and ending July 22, 2019. Doing the PNM Quick Saver Project benefited this business because it brought more light to the showroom which made the cars shine. In the mechanic work area it provided better lighting for the mechanics see to work on the vehicles. Also brought more light to the parking lot at night – a plus for safety!


Energy saved: 300,060 kWh
Total Project Cost: $68,770
Paid by PNM Quick Saver Program:  $55,569
Paid by Chevrolet Cadillac of SF:
Yearly PNM Bill Savings:  
Total ROI: 5-6 months

Exterior Lighted Sign and Lighting Retrofit

Fifty n’ Fit

MARCH 2019 – This was a PNM Quicksaver Project that began March 5 and completed March 15 in Albuquerque, NM. We changed the faces of the sign and installed 60W LED double sided linear bars inside the sign to give it a brighter light so you can see it better at night. We also installed LED lighting inside the building. Doing this project will save them money on their electrical bill. The return on investment for this project is 5 months.

Paid by Fifty n’ Fit: $898
Paid by PNM: $266
Total Project Cost: $1,164
Yearly PNM Bill Savings: $1,834
ROI: 5 months

New Construction

Airport Parking Lot

NOVEMBER 2018 – We installed new light poles in the Airport Parking Lot to brighten up where the RV’s and Camp Trailers are parked. The asphalt had to be cut through so we could run the wire to where the light poles would be located to get electricity. Concrete had to be poured to place the light poles so they could stand up. We installed a total of 20 light poles. It took us about a month to finish the project. Doing this project with us gave them better lighting to keep a better eye on the RV’s and Camp Trailers.

Lighting Retrofit

Hotel Cascada

AUGUST 28, 2015 – Hotel Cascada in Albuquerque underwent a drastic change. They’ve taken the steps to be more energy-efficient, and we helped take them down that path. Over multiple phases, we replaced their old lighting with everything from T8’s to T12’s to high performance LEDs. Lighting upgrades took place all over the facility: parking lots, exterior, rooms, lobbies and more.
As a result, Hotel Cascada was awarded the 2015 PNM Business Energy Efficiency Star Award in June. Congratulations, Hotel Cascada!
Outdoor Lighting Upgrade

Wagner Cat

SEPTEMBER 21, 2015 – We installed LED lighting around the exterior of Wagner Cat in Albuquerque, NM. The project included wall packs and these sleek pole lights around the property. The impact of energy efficient lighting is pretty substantial since it’s a large property! 


Energy saved: 183,346 kWh
CO2 removed: 120 tons
Trees planted: 34 acres
Removed from the road: 30 cars
Gas saved: 15,135 gallons
Oil saved: 360 barrels

Lighting Retrofit

Adelante Mailing
& Fulfillment Center

OCTOBER 6, 2015 – We finished up a projected at Adelante Mailing Services on Princeton. We think Adelante is a special place and we’re proud to have been chosen by them as their electrical contractor for their PNM Quick Saver(TM) update.

Find out more about Adelante at http://www.goadelante.org/

Paid by Adelante: $2,906
Paid by PNM: $2,774
Total Project Cost: $5,680
Yearly PNM Bill Savings: $1,585
ROI: less than 2 years

Lighting Retrofit


NOVEMBER 9, 2015 – We upgraded the lighting at the Chevron (owned by Alameda Ventures) at 9400 Coors Blvd in Albuquerque. The outside lighting was improved, but what really impressed us were the new LEDs we installed in the refrigerator cases. The product looks awesome lit with bright, clear lights marching down the interior frames. And these beautiful lights will provide almost $1,000 in estimated savings every year.

Total Project Cost: $10,053
Paid by PNM Quick Saver Rebate: $6,965
Paid by Chevron (Alameda Ventures): $3,088
Yearly PNM Bill Savings: $4,222
ROI: less than 9 months