Read through some of the most frequently asked questions from our customers.

How does an Electrical Contractor differ from an Electrician?

An Electrical Contractor is licensed in the State(s) where they operate and are required to hold licenses far more robust than an Electrician may have. An Electrical Contractor is licensed, bonded and carries commercial insurance and is able to pull permits to comply with State and Local regulatory agencies.

An Electrician is typically employed by an Electrical Contractor. While an Electrician is a skilled professional with at least 4 years of education and training, they would not typically possess the same level of bonding, licensing and insurance.

What is the role of an Electrical Contractor in my large construction project?

The scope of work can be narrow or large and can include many aspects not related to electrical work. An Electrical Contractor can provide temporary power from the local utility. We install panels, transformers and devices to move power from the Utility provider to the client. We pull wire, install receptacles, switches and low voltage cable. Lighting is an important part of an electrician’s responsibility. We provide power for the safe installation of Heating and A/C, Kitchen Appliances and hot water systems. We even provide the electrical requirements for swimming pools and more increasingly we provide chargers for your electric car. We trench, move walls and pour concrete.

On larger jobs we coordinate with General Contractors and all of the other experts required to build commercial buildings.  There are HVAC Contractors, Mechanical Contractors, Drywall Contractors, Painters, Carpenters, and many other professionals required to erect a building.

How much is this project going to cost me?

Your out-of-pocket costs will largely depend on the kind of service requested and whether you are able to partner with an electrical utility provider or your home corporate office.

For many energy-efficient retrofit projects, rebates are available and we will work hard to get you everything you are entitled to. Many of these kind of projects see an ROI within just a few months. See our Lighting Retrofit Case Studies page to see examples of how other businesses are saving money from these projects.

For new construction or remodels, there may be funds available from other sources. Again, we will work with you to maximize all funding sources.

For commercial electrician services, we charge a local industry-standard rate of $110/hour. Reminder – these kind of services are currently only available to customers within the Greater Albuquerque Area.

How long will the project take?

The amount of time for the project will depend on the type of service we are providing. Some take years or months, and others might take just a few hours.

For new construction or remodels, our role may be dependent on the status of other contractors working on the same project. Rest assured that when it comes time for our techinicians to do their work, they will show-up with a high work ethic and determination to complete their work accurately and efficiently.

For lighting retrofits, we can usually complete the work itself in a matter of hours or a couple days, with the overall process of utility company involvement lasting over the span of a few months. Larger buildings or spaces in which there are many tall ceilings may require more than a single day to accomodate the increased time it takes to replace each light.

For most commercial hourly projects, we can often complete the work within the same day.

Will Service Disrupt Any of My Daily Business Operations?

This would mostly apply to lighting retrofits, building controls, and commerical hourly services.

We do everything we can so that your Business and Operations are affected as little as possible. We frequently work nights and weekends so as not to disrupt your day to day operations.

In most cases, we are able to complete our work by cutting power in just specific sections. It is extrememely rare that we would need to completely shut off the power for your entire building.

In some cases where we are working on external lighting or signage, we may need to reserve parking spaces or driveways for our equipment. Our sales staff would work with you specifically to arrange the safest and most convenient way to block off these areas.

How do utility rebates work?

This would mostly apply to lighting retrofits, signage upgrades, building controls, and vending/cooler Miser installations.

At no cost to your company, we will come out and survey your facility. We will provide you an estimate of the total cost and the amount the utility is willing to pay. The utility typically pre-inspects the project and then reserves the funds. At the completion of the project we will invoice you for the net difference (Project Cost – Utility Incentive) and we will bill the utility company for the incentive amount. We complete all of the paperwork.

How soon might I expect to see any changes to my utility bill?

This would mostly apply to lighting retrofits, signage upgrades, building controls, and vending/cooler Miser installations.

Immediately. We are saving you energy dollars by removing wattage from your facility. As we move through your facility and begin to replace old inefficient assets with new energy efficient assets, the savings is instantaneous.

Do you use subcontractors? If yes, how are they vetted/chosen?

Rarely, but yes. All our subcontractors are required to provide complete insurance documentation including workers compensation on their employees. Our subcontractors are typically Crane Companies, Concrete Contractors and in some cases Excavators. Vetting is typically based on our experience over our 10+ years in this industry.

Do you have a referral program?

We do not have an official referral program, but very much appreciate your spreading the good word on our service and professionalism. We receive many referrals each month and reciprocate in kind.

Do you require any kind of down-payments? Do you bill me? Or Is it Payment Due at Time of Service?

We do not generally require a down payment. On long projects that exceed 30 days we “Progress Bill”, in other words we will bill you for work “to date”.  On special projects that require specialized parts, components and equipment, we may bill you for material and either place it in your facility or store it for you with our assurance and a copy of a bill of lading. Our final billing after the project is 100% complete and you are satisfied, is “Due on Receipt”. We accept all major credit and offer financing in many cases.

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