Energy Efficiency Programs

Have Vending Machines or Reach-in Coolers?

Reduce Their Energy Usage… for FREE!

Energy Efficiency Programs


The PNM Business Energy Efficiency Programs now have a rebate that COVERS THE FULL COST of installing controls on vending machines and reach-in, glass-front coolers for PNM business customers.

Under this program, a PNM Trade Ally will install a VendingMiser or CoolerMiser control unit on each machine that dispenses or holds non-perishable bottled or canned beverages items – with ZERO COST to the customer. PNM covers the full cost of the unit AND contractor installation.

Q: How do VendingMisers and CoolerMisers work?

A: Vending machines and reach-in coolers use considerable energy. most are manufactured with minimum production requirements, and are not designed to ensure the machine’s efficient use of energy. Studies have shown that putting a control on a vending machine saves approximately 1,612 kWh of energy per year – and a control on a reach-in cooler saves approximately 1,086 kWh per year.

The controls’ occupancy sensors turn off the machine’s light and power down the machine during times when there is no occupancy. The machine is powered back up when people return and at regular intervals to keep the product cold.

When equipped with the VendingMiser, refrigerated beverage vending machines use less energy and are comparable in daily energy performance to new ENERGY STAR qualified machines. CoolerMisers eliminate compressor short cycling and have an average of $100 per year, per cooler in energy costs.

Q: We do not own the vending machines on our property. Are we allowed to install controls on these machines?

A: Yes. Both Coca-Cola and Pepsico have tested the VendingMiser and have publicly approved its use on their beverage machines to achieve energy savings.

Q: Will our vending machines be opened to install the control units?

A: No. VendingMiser units do NOT require the machine to be opened for installation, and the units do not interfere with the machine’s normal operation. The control unit is installed either on the wall with simple hand tools, or attached to the back of the vending machine with a bracket.

There is ZERO COST to PNM business customers to participate int he VendingMiser and CoolerMiser rebate program. Take advantage of this FREE way to lower energy usage on your non-perishable beverage machines Call the PNM Business Energy Efficiency Program at 505-938-9400 (toll-free 877-607-0741) for more information.