8 Crafts to Get You through the Holidays Using Old Incandescent Light Bulbs

The chill in the air, the leaves turning color, it can only mean one thing: time to bust out the hot glue gun because it’s craft time. Save your burnt out incandescent bulbs from the landfill and consider one of these DIY projects instead!

1) Balloon Fiesta

Here in Albuquerque the air is changing: cooler mornings, the scent of roasted chile, and hot air balloons afloat. Here’s a cute idea for yourself or to give to a house guest who’s here for the fiesta.

hot air balloons

Instructions at www.rookno17.com/2012/03/repurposed-light-bulb-hot-air-balloon.html

2) Halloween

Chicago jeweler Jason Gershenson-Gates is known for making these creepy-crawlies using recycled watch parts and lightbulbs (http://www.amechanicalmind.com/). Instructions aren’t available, but if you’re up for a challenge try making your own. Don’t have watch parts lying around? Try using those random nuts, bolts, and screws laying around in the garage.

insects from lightbulbs

Photo credit: http://www.ecochunk.com/3933/2012/11/20/insects-made-from-discarded-watch-parts-show-the-beauty-of-the-mechanical-world/#more-3933

3) Thanksgiving

The pear shape of a traditional lightbulb is perfect for making, well, pears. Here’s a simple yet classy project to decorate your Thanksgiving table.


Instructions at www.toddlindsey.com/2011/12/diy-lightbulb-pears.html

4) Hanukkah

Celebrate the holiday of lights with an oil lamp. Make this project as-is or use this concept to make a one-of-a-kind menorah.

oil lamps from light bulbs

Instructions a http://www.instructables.com/id/Light-Bulb-Lamp/

5) Winter Solstice

Beat the winter blues when the days are short and summer gardens feel like they’ll never be here again with an indoor terrarium to brighten up your desk or bedside table.

light bulb terrarium

Instructions at thehipsterho.me/2010/01/how-to-make-a-tiny-terrarium-in-a-light-bulb/

6) Christmas

There’s lots of ideas out there for Christmas ornaments and decorations using old light bulbs. One of our favorites are these glittery snowmen that will sparkle on the tree.

light bulb snowmen ornaments

Instructions at http://www.kelseybang.com/2011/11/snowman-lightbulb-ornament-and-giveaway.html

7) New Years

Watch the ball drop with some festive jewelry.

light bulb jewelry

Instructions at http://stuffstephdoes.com/2013/03/26/upcycled-light-bulb-necklace/

8) Valentines Day

Sure, Valentines Day is a long way off. But tuck this idea away or make it ahead so you’re not scrambling at the last minute. You’ll thank yourself for it later (and so will your valentine!)

valentine light bulb

Instructions at www.designsponge.com/2010/02/diy-project-valentine-lightbulb.html