by Laurie Dudasik – 3/30/14

A new trend in home decor is the addition of LED light strips or recessed bulbs along the stairwell to better illuminate the way for its user. Check out these cool design ideas that will immediately give you a modern, stylish look while saving on energy costs.

LED Light Strip Along The Railing

Found on HGTV Green Home 2012: Stairwell Pictures

LED Stairway



LED Light Strips Placed Under The Lip of Each Step

LED Stairway


Color Gradient Effects As You Walk Up/Down The Stairs

Found on Just The Design Tumblr

LED Colorful Stairway


Minimalist Design With Two Small Bulbs Per Step and Along Rail Posts

Found on Certified Lighting

LED Outdoor Stairway



Industrial Look With Acrylic Steps

Found on Peregrine Plastics

Industrial Look With LED Lights and Acrylic Steps


LED Strips Under Each Step and Along Railing

Found on FlashDecor LiveJournal



Outdoor Welcome Lights for the Entryway

Found on Birddog Distributing

LED Stairway for entryway near door



A Staircase That Acts Like A Screen

Found on LED Creking

LED Stairway



LED Stairways To Display Messages

From the Art Institute of Chicago

LED Message Display Art Institute of Chicago



LED Recessed Lighting On Each Step

Found on Beufl

Recessed Light On Stairs


Cantilevered Glass Stair Ghost-Effect

Found on Archello

Cantilevered stairs with glass treads FRANKFURT Germany



Aero Glass Staircase With LED Lighting

Found on Archello

Aero Glass Staircase



Subtle Automated Pathway Lights For Each Step

Found on NovoKane: Making, Creating, Tinkering, Living


And for the Finale: Animated Scenes on each Step As You Look Up